Quality Control

Tokyo Nohin Daiko proposes QC (quality control) services that encompass quality inspection, needle detection, material labeling, laundry labels, origin country verification, and repair. From the standpoint of consumer protection, clear information disclosure and adherence to established quality standards have become increasingly important. Tokyo Nohin Daiko is committed to providing reliable QC services that customers can trust, ensuring compliance with these standards.

Quality Control (QC)


Confirmation, creation, and sewing of composition labels, laundry labels, and care labels※Conversion from ISO to JIS
Quality inspection
Visual inspection… measurement, tactile examination, functional inspection
Simple robustness check

Needle detection

We handle everything from quantity inspections to quality inspections, repair processing of defective items (B-grade), and shelving. By integrating logistics and QC, we can comprehensively understand defective products and centrally manage information, allowing for repair and restoration in the shortest lead time possible.