Company Overview


Company Name Tokyo Nohin Daiko Co., Ltd.
Location 22-8 Futamata Shinmachi, Ichikawa-Shi, Chiba
Establishment April 2, Heisei 19 (Established by company split), Founded: February Showa 45
Capital 98 million yen
Annual Revenue 175 billion yen (March 2024:Total TND Group revenue 209 billion yen)
Business Details
  • Comprehensive order receipt for logistics (Third-Party Logistics)
  • Delivery agency services to nationwide department stores
  • Product management and distribution processing
  • Logistics consultation
  • Logistics information processing services
  • International integrated logistics


  • License for General Freight Trucking Business: Kanto Transport Bureau, Automobile Type 2 & Truck Type 2 No. 959
  • License for Second-Class Freight Rail Transport Business: National Government Reference No. 146
  • Warehouse Business License: Kanto Transport Bureau, Kanunsou No. 284, No. 401
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing Industry Approval (Packaging, Labeling, Storage): Chiba
  • Quasi-Drug Manufacturing Industry Approval (Packaging, Labeling, Storage): Chiba
  • Security Business Accreditation: No. 44000639
  • Temporary Staffing Business Permit: Ha 12-301401
Number of Employees 2200
Number of Vehicles 129
Banking Partners
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Kinshicho Branch
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Fukagawa Branch
Chairman of the Board of Directors Tomoyuki Ohsako
President , Administration Division Director Hisashi Ohkusa
Managing Executive Officer, Sales Headquarters Director Ryoji Shimada
Executive Officer,East Japan Business Division Director Hideki Honda
Director Kazushi Terashita
Corporate Auditor Masatoshi Uenaka
Corporate Auditor Tatsuya Usui
Executive Officer, Deputy general manager of Administration Division Shuichi Kiyosawa
Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager of Sales Headquarters Naomi Motoshiromizu
Organization Chart