Management Philosophy

The meaning to exist

The Tokyo Nohin Daiko Group, as a leader in the industry, carries fashion with heart through innovative logistics services, always responding sensitively to the needs of our customers, and contributing to the creation of a richer and more comfortable society.

Management Policy

We vigorously promote proactive sales that anticipate trends ahead of other companies, relentlessly pursuing high levels of service that satisfy our customers. The foundation of our profits lies in earnest effort and action, essential means for our success. Employees are our assets, and we nurture sincere individuals who will carry the era forward. We strive to always adhere to social order and legal compliance, aiming to be a group that understands the pain in others’ hearts through compassion and communication. We constantly seek change, aiming for high goals and growth, recognizing that stagnation is detrimental.


Work with precision, always considering the other party’s perspective.
Handle products with care.
Demonstrate pride in our company through attire and manners.