Information Systems

Tokyo Nohin Daiko, which pursues efficient services from both logistical and informational perspectives, continues to work on developing the latest logistics and information systems. Information systems, which are key to the future of logistics, are essential for rationalization, efficiency improvement, and acceleration. Leveraging the logistics expertise built up over many years with customers (shippers) and department stores, we have a proven track record of building numerous information systems. From the utilization of general-purpose software to the creation of custom-made solutions tailored to individual customers, we support our customers’ businesses with comprehensive services.

raku-Raku-Shukka (Easy Shipping)

Recommended for customers who do not have a shipping system. It can be quickly implemented with just a computer and internet access. With data linkage capabilities, integration with the customer’s core system is also possible.

EDI System

Recommended for customers who already have a shipping system and issue shipping label and delivery tags. By sending data to us, customers can eliminate the need to issue shipping label on their end. Shipping label are issued at our distribution center and automatically integrated into the Invoice process.

Web for Delivery State

Allows real-time tracking of delivery status over the internet.

ALTS (Apparel Logistics and Trading Support) System

In addition to inventory management, this system automatically generates shipping label, delivery tags, and price tags (department store price tags and maker tags) based on shipping data. By managing inbound and outbound transactions and inventory in ledger format, all data (from inbound to inspection to label issuance to outbound) can be centrally managed, improving work efficiency and reducing expenses.

Warehouse Apparel Cloud(WAC)

Incorporates the functions of ALTS and adds browsing and instruction input capabilities over the internet. Optional extensions for individual delivery (BtoC, EC site) are available. It can be utilized as the next-generation warehouse management system and supports free location management.

Web for Invoice Service

Notifies invoice issuance via email, enabling faster confirmation compared to traditional mail and speeding up customer accounting processes. Invoice data is provided in CSV format for use in Excel and other applications.