Nationwide Distribution (Transportation Business)

For over 40 years since our founding, we have been providing reliable transportation services between our customers (shippers) and nationwide department stores. To ensure smooth transportation, we utilize three-dimensional transportation of hangers, earning the trust of numerous customers. Leveraging our accumulated expertise and trust, we offer various transportation options ranging from international logistics to store-based logistics.

Department store delivery

We facilitate seamless logistics from shippers to department stores or retail locations. We handle all delivery agency tasks, including product collection, issuing delivery slip and price tags, inspection, creating shipping documents, and delivery.

International Logistics

We support international logistics connecting overseas factories with domestic factories, stores, and consumers. We provide TC services such as de-vanning (unloading from containers), loading, and shipping after transportation from overseas.

Sale Support Delivery

We offer a range of services including scheduled route delivery and charter services. Please utilize our services for various scenes in your business operations.